Sunday, August 24, 2014

8 Simple Ways to Prevent Colon Cancer

Colon cancer is 4th largest disease to hit mankind and is more common these days.Men are more prone to colon cancer than women.But you know what,colon cancer can be prevented very easily by keeping control over what you eat,how much physical exercise you do and what is your body weight.A research paper shows that 52% cases of colon cancer can be prevented if you do regular exercise and eat a healthy diet.Though it is very difficult to maintain an exercise schedule and a healthy diet plan on regular basis because of our busy and modern lifestyle,but we need to understand that a healthy body is one of the top achievement in our life,So we should not forget to follow a healthy regime.Here we will tell you 8 very important tips which are very essential for prevention of colon cancer attack and to stay healthy.

1.Regular Exercise
If you really want to avoid the danger of colon cancer,then its time to do some workout.Come out of your comfort zone and do exercise on daily basis to cut the risk of colon cancer.
-Set 30 minute daily exercise routine.It will increase your calorie burning rate and keep your colon healthy.
-Maintain a healthy breakfast plan.Include whole grains,fruits and juices in your breakfast.Avoid packed juices and use juicer to get fresh juice.

2.Stop Consuming Red Meat
If you are a vegetarian,you are less likely to develop colon cancer.But if you are a meat eater especially red meat,then you need to read this.It has been proved by researches that eating large quantity of red meat affects your intestine badly and if you continue to do so,you are more prone to develop colon cancer.The amount of risk is same for men and women.

3.Limit Eating Processed Food
If you are crazy about fast food,sauce,pickle,packed juices etc. and other processed food,there is a bad news for you.Processed foods contain many chemicals about which you are never made aware.Many of these chemicals are cyclic organic compounds and form the benzene if added in processed items and stored for some time.Benzene is very prominent carcinogenic.Moreover processed foods are difficult to digest which puts extra pressure on your liver and colon resulting in colon cancer.

4.Reduce Belly Fat
Obesity can cause you many diseases,not just colon cancer.So you should be concerned about your weight and belly fat.Research shows that fat people are 54% more prone to colon cancer.So if you are slim and trim,maintain it.If you have extra weight and belly fat,follow these step by step instructions to get in shape.
Add these foods in your diet to speed up the fat burning process.

5.Use Garlic in Your Food
Garlic contains many anti-oxidant properties which helps you to keep colon cancer away.Either consume  one raw garlic clove per day before breakfast or add homemade garlic paste in your food.

6.Drink Green Tea
Green Tea is considered as one of the best superfood available on this planet.Study shows that people who drink green tea regularly are less likely to face colon cancer problem.So if you drink 2-3 cup of milk tea or coffee daily,stop consuming it or reduce it to one cup and take green tea instead.It is the best health drink you can ever drink.

7.Increase Calcium Intake
You need to maintain adequate amount of calcium in your body to prevent colon cancer.As we grow,our body's requirement of calcium also increase.We need to take at least 1200 mg of calcium per day.Milk is the best source for calcium.Add 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric powder in one glass of warm milk and consume it just before sleep.It is ancient indian ayurvedic remedy which protects you not only from colon cancer but from any kind of cancer.

8.Stop Drinking
Do not consume too much alcohol on regular basis as it will gradually decays your colon and intestine.Your colon will not be able to fight against cancer.

Take care of your lifestyle,do some exercise daily and watch what you eat.
Any other suggestion on this topic is most welcome.


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