Friday, August 8, 2014

How to Improve Eye Sight Naturally

Eyes are most important sense of a human being.If someone is suffering from a weak eyesight,His life becomes miserable.There are ophthalmic procedures to correct poor eye sight but their aftereffects can be too much adverse.We need to be very serious about our eyesight and need to maintain a healthy vision.Vitamin A,Vitamin C,Omega 3 fatty acids,Antioxidants etc. are primarily important for improved vision.These days,we see that even small child are having eye problems and are forced to use spectacles.You must know that spectacle business is a million dollar industry and they never want to tell you that natural ways are available out there which can help you improve your eye sight naturally and you need not to go for any ophthalmic procedure never ever.

The best way to keep your eyesight healthy is
to maintain your eyesight.Our modern lifestyle is biggest enemy of our eyes because we need to use computers,laptops,smartphones,tablets etc. on a very frequent basis.These devices cause stress on our eye muscles.Since we can not avoid these devices,the only thing we need to do is to remove this stress on daily basis and consume foods which are healthy for our eyes.
It is said that consuming green and leafy vegetables is a great way to avoid eye related problems.So here we are going to suggest you some tips which demands to include some foods in your diet and some special home remedies.

1.Green Vegetables
Its known since very ancient time that Carrots are beneficial for our eyes.Carrots contain beta carotene which helps as precursor in production of vitamin A.Carrots must be consumed raw if possible to garner maximum benefits.Spinach is also very important vegetable for eyesight improvement.It contains vitamin A which is known to keep your eyes healthy and preserve your cornea.Lutein is also found in spinach which helps in protecting eyes against UV light.Spinach juice must be consumed daily in morning on empty stomach.Broccoli contains vitamin B2 and antioxidants which is known to cure blurred vision.It should be consumed in raw form as salad.

Fruits such as Mango and Papaya are known to help in maintaining healthy eye sight.Most of the yellow fruits have high quality vitamin A which is helpful in improving eye sight.

Different kind of berries are very important for your eyes.There are many type of berries out there such as Mulberries,Cranberries,Blueberries,Blackberries etc.Berries are high in antioxidants and helps in reducing inflammation of eye muscles.Berries improve blood flow in eyes because of presence of anthocyanins.

3.Dry Fruits
Almonds and cashew nuts contain omega 3 fatty acids which helps in improving muscular health of eyes and reduces pressure on eye balls.

4.Some Other Home Remedies
- Take 500gm. Almond,400 gm. Fennel seeds and 350gm. of sugar candy(Mishri). Mix all the ingredients and make a powder of them.Consume 1 teaspoon of power daily with one glass of milk at bed time.Its very effective in enhancing vision and you can see the results in 30 days.
- Take 2 teaspoon of desi ghee and add 10 gm. black pepper powder in it.Add one teaspoon of sugar.Mix it thoroughly and consume right after you wake up.Its a wonderful natural remedy for improving your eye sight.
-Pour 1 drop of  rose water in each of your eye as an eye drop.It will clean all the dirt from your eyes and help in relieving pressure of eye ball.

If you follow above tips seriously,These are sure to help you.

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