Tuesday, August 5, 2014

How to Get Rid of Bad Breath Naturally at Home

Many people suffer from this problem called Bad Breath.Bad Breath is very unpleasant odor of one's breath.But do not worry as its not a disease and can be prevented easily once you come to know the reasons behind bad breath.

What Causes Bad Breath(Halitosis)
There are many reasons behind occurring of this problem such as accumulation of food particles in your mouth overnight,once these food particles start decaying,it will create foul smell from your mouth.Sometimes GERD or ulcer can also give you bad breath when you burp,the gas is released and causes bad breath.Any type of smoking and tobacco chewing can also give you bad breath or halitosis.

Simple Tips to Get Rid of Bad Breaths

1.Brush Your Teeth and Tongue Twice a Day
When you eat something,food particles get stuck between your teeth and starts decaying.This gives birth to bacterias which causes bad breath.This is most prominent reason behind bad breath problem of many people.So brushing your teeth and tongue daily twice will ensure that no food particles are stuck in your teeth hence no bacteria generation and no bad breath.

Cloves have oil in them which is highly aromatic.Along with this,cloves have anti bacterial and antiseptic quality which prevents the growth of bacteria and other infections in your mouth.To ged rid from bad breath using cloves,you just need to
-Chew 2-3 cloves after each meal and get fresh breath instantly.
-Boil 1 cup of water with 4 cloves in it.This will bring the essence of clove oil into water.Drink this water after lunch and dinner and get fresh breath.

Black and green tea,both helps in getting rid from bad breath.Black tea helps in reducing plaque formation while green tea has anti bacterial properties.To prevent bad breath using tea.Make tea by dipping tea bag in hot water for 2 minutes and drink it 3-4 times per day.

Lemons contains vitamin C which is highly beneficial for your gums and teeth.Moreover lemon is acidic in nature which kills the germs present in your mouth and gives you a fresh breath.
Take two teaspoon of lemon juice and mix in one cup of hot water.Mix one teaspoon of salt in it.Gargle with it for 5 minutes daily at bed time.In a few days,you will have a pleasant breath.

Parsley is an effective natural remedy to cure bad breath problem.Parsley simulates the saliva generation in your mouth hence eliminating the generation of bacterias.Take handful of parsley leaves and dip them in vinegar.Chew them for 5 minutes and get fresh breath.

5.Baking Soda
Making a mouth wash of water with baking soda is one of most effective way people are using since ancient time.put one teaspoon of baking soda into a glass of hot water and floss your will give you instant relief from bad breath.

6.Fennel Seeds
Its also called saunf in india.It is well known for its mouth frshning properties.Add 1 teaspoon of sugar with 2 teaspoon of fennel seeds and chew it after every meal.Yow will be amazed at effectiveness of this natural remedy.

7.Apple Cider Vinegar
Its my personal favourite! Gargling with half spoon of apple cider vinegar mixed with one cup of hot water will not only give you fresh breath but also give you a wonderful pleasant feeling in your mouth.

Apart from this,Quit smoking and chewing tobacco and brush daily as there is no permanent solution of bad breath problem.You can fight with it as long as you maintain oral hygiene.So take care of your brushing habits and follow above remedies.


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