Wednesday, August 20, 2014

How to Burn Belly Fat Easily

We all dream of a flat belly but most of us are unable to realize that dream into reality.Our diet & lifestyle does not let us get a flat belly.So here we are suggesting you some very simple tips by following which,you will be able to burn your extra belly fat and get flat belly.Sincerely follow all of these tips for a month and see the result on your own.

1.Stay Away From White Rice
White rice adds up lots of calories in your meals.Keep white rice away from your plate.Use brown rice,brown bread,oats in your diet

2.Good Morning With Lemon-Honey Mix
Make it a habit and you will never regret your decision.Add 1 teaspoon of lemon juice and 2 teaspoon of pure honey into a glass of lukewarm water and drink in the morning on empty stomach.It burns your belly fat very effectively.

3.Drink Plenty of Water
It is a sure shot way to burn belly fat very fast.After drinking lemon honey mix in morning,drink at least 0.5 liter water.Moreover Drink water only after 30 minutes of lunch and dinner.Consume 4-5 liter water in a day for better result.This remedy is more effective if you drink boiled water all the time.It will enhance your metabolism and remove all the toxins from your body.

4.Avoid Sugar
Please avoid sugar and sweet products for one month as the sugar is primary culprit for excess fat on belly

5.Switch to Fruits and Vegetables
Increase intake of fruits and vegetables in your diet and minimize non veg items.Non veg items are difficult to be digested hence results in extra fat on belly.Eating fruits and vegetables is good for your liver health and improve your digestion power.

6.Eat Raw Garlic
While you drink lemon honey mix in the morning,eat two cloves of raw garlic just after drinking lemon honey mix.Later drink 0.5 liter of water as suggested above.It will speed up your journey towards a flat belly

7.Keep doing KapalBhati Pranayama (Yoga)
Follow the above regime for a month and do kapalbhati yoga every evening for 15 minutes.After one month,Keep doing kapalbhati yoga and keep following suggestion no. 2 and 3.It will help you in maintaining flat belly you just achieved.

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