Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Step by Step Guide to Fight Depression

It is the worst thing that can happen to a healthy human being.Being depressed not only affects your mental health but your physical health as well.The reason may be many but depression directly affects your productivity.No matter how energetic and active you are,depression would not let you focus on your work properly.One should take guidance from experts and share problem with their loved ones in order to get out of this situation.The reasons behind depression may be many such as financial loss,troubled relationships,inferiority complex etc.One should not be slave of medicine to fight depression and follow the below mentioned tips to come out of this situation as early as possible.

1.Sit in a silent room without any distractions and write the problem which you feel causing depression in detail on a paper.Once you write all the reasons for your depression,try to refrain from those reasons.Burn the paper.

2.Now go to the person you trust most and ask for his free time.Share the problem with him/her honestly.This will make you feel relaxed.Their support will help you to overcome this situation.

3.Think about an activity that you wanted to do from long time but not getting enough time to pursue it.Start doing it as it will divert your mind from depression.

4.Take leave from your professional life and go to some tourist place all alone for a week.This will help you in leaving old circumstances behind and you will feel afresh.

5.Keep a track of your diet plan and eat health food.This will help you gain both physical and mental strength.

6.Take proper sleep as lack of sleep may actually make situation worse.

7.In last it is best to visit some expert and come out of depression.

Depression is a plague which eats your professional and personal life.Dont let it enter in your life.Laugh as much as you can as laughing is best medicine.
Remember Time is best healer.Just give Time some time.

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