Thursday, July 24, 2014

How to Get Rid of Dark Lips

Many people suffer from this problem and the most affected are women,because they are more conscious about their facial features than men.In order to achieve desired facial features and complexion,women tends to experiment with various cosmetic products like lip gloss,lipsticks.Most of them result in a big turn down for them and leaves a negative impression such as dark lips.Dark lips may also be caused by other bad habits such as smoking.Many people get frustrated because of their dark lips because it affects their whole facial look. Do not worry,we are here to help you.We will suggest you some natural remedies to bring back the natural color of your lips i.e. pink lips.

1. Glycerin
Sometimes dry lips are the cause behind dark lips.Glycerin is best available natural water retainer.Apply glycerin on your lips daily in night and see the wonder in a week.

2.Almond oil
Almond oil can prevent pigmentation so it can be very useful for you.Apply a few drops before going to bed.

Lack of water in your body causes dehydration which results in dry and dark lips.Increase your water consumption and experience the power of water therapy.

Scrub a piece of beetroot on your lips daily for 10 minutes.Leave it as it is for next 10 minutes.This will give you desired results within two weeks.

5.Rose Petals
Rose petals help in improving the color of your lips by moisturizing them.Make a paste of 10 rose petals with 1 teaspoon of honey and butter.apply it on your lips.practice this remedy for 3 times a can also apply rose water on your lips using some cotton.

6.Quit Smoking
Smoking is one of the most prominent reason for dark lips.Quit smoking as soon as possible because smoking not only gives you dark lips but also causes cancer.

7.Avoid Low Quality Lip Products
Avoid using cheap and low quality lipsticks and lip glosses.Use trusted brands only.

Sugar is a very good exfoliating agent for your lips.It can help you remove all the dead skin from your lips.Take two teaspoon of granulated sugar and add some butter in it.rub the mixture on your lips but very gently.Follow the method two times a week.

Are you concerned about your dark lips?Do you want pink lips?Then try aforementioned remedies which are very easy to follow and will get you rid of dark lips.


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