Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Tips to control High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is very common problem these days affecting a lot of people.Many people take medicines on daily basis for controlling their blood pressure.But the problem is,that these drugs can never cure the problem.They just keep BP under control.Nevertheless,this condition can be cured by maintaining a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet.Following are the suggestions which will help you in curing high BP.

1.Eat Fruits And Fresh Vegetables
Add more fruits and vegetables in your diet.Increase the consumption of green and leafy vegetables such as broccoli,cabbage etc.Take fruits like oranges,watermelon etc.These fruits are having high percentage of potassium which helps in lowering BP.

2.High Protein And Low Fat Diet
Take a diet which is high in protein such as pulses and avoid high fat foods as much as possible.Switch your diet on low fat items such as yogurt.

3.Avoid Processed Food
Take whole grain diet and try to avoid processed food in your meals.Your diet must include oats,brown bread etc.

4.Use Healthy Oils
Cook your meals using healthy oils such as olive oil,Sunflower oil etc. These oil are not only keep your BP controlled,they keep your heart healthy as well.

5.Avoid Diet Rich In Sodium
You must avoid foods having high sodium content such as fast foods which are salty in taste.Stop eating food items like chips,ketchup,frozen sea food.Your daily intake of sodium should not be more than 1500 mg.

6.Drink Water At Empty Stomach
It is highly effective method to cure your blood pressure related problems.Drink 2 liters of water right after you wake up without brushing your teeth.This works like magic.

High blood pressure can easily be controlled using above tips.You just need to have some discipline in your life to stay adhered to balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.


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